Friday, February 24, 2006

Portrait of A Socialist Reporter
Open letter to Michael Harris of the Ottawa Sun:

I must say I found your article amusing, you single handedly touch on most of the media driven stereotypes and falsehoods regarding our economy, fortunately I think the media holds the minority view now that us peons have access to a media free of the old stalwarts monopoly. From an oppressive Walmart, to an economic gorilla in China to over estimating union enrollment to believing that every plebe Canadian is some beer swilling trailer trash oppressed minion incapable of looking after themselves. Suffice it to say that on each point you raise you are wrong.

Perhaps you would be more happy living in the Soviet Union, you see, it was the media that told us for years that the Soviet model was vastly superior to capitalism and that we could never compete, that we must simply co-exist. Clearly you resent capitalism and would rather critique it through the prism of your antiquated ideological views instead of the reality that it is, it is unfortunate that you despise so much a system that has generated more widespread opportunity and prosperity than any system in our history. So perhaps you should relocate to the Soviet Union…..oh yes, I forgot that that collective imploded on itself and fails to exist, I guess the great media minds were wrong on that also! - Michael Harris - How to run Canada ... into the ground

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Canada's Decrepid Heartless Health Care System
Ripping apart spouses hours before their death, hardly a side of the State run health care that socialists claim is the envy of the world.
Canada's failing health care system is pathetic and akin to some soviet style government department.
What's even worse is that some idiot public servant defends the situation by saying that it was "government policy", like that somehow makes denying basic compassion acceptable. The problem with state run anything is that moronic rules mongers like this idiot in the story become incapable of common sense judgements and simply quote policy and regulation. More evidence that working for the state turns people into brainless, biased, slackers lacking in common sense.
CBC News: Probe launched after hospital separates dying woman, husband

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Jimmy Carter Sides With Hamas...Again
Once again we see Jimmy Carter, America's most failed President, cozying up to the enemies of freedom.
FrontPage :: There He Goes Again.... by FrontPage Magazine

Monday, February 20, 2006

Iraq WMD's

I was waiting all weekend for this information to be released, I think this is a big story.

Some may laugh at this, saying that this issue is dead and this is now pure urban legend. I disagree and I believe that most people are aware of about 5% of the information/story on Iraqi WMD’s and weapons programs. The west has mountains of evidence showing Iraq had these weapons, had the infrastructure, aggressively deceived UN inspectors for years and did not account for a substantial amount of weapons that were inventoried to exist, and were viewed to have existed.

Next, it is no secret that the bureaucracy under Bush is predominantly anti-Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice, this is beyond argument as is evident in a multitude of actions, not least of by all the constant leaks that plaque his administration. The CIA, the State Dept., FBI, etc etc etc. This bureaucracy is openly hostile to his policy in Iraq and has been undermining his approach to the war on terror since immediately after 9-11, this is a complete philisophicial/ideological difference of opinion in how to handle these middle east regimes. Ultimately it is the Carter/Bush 1/Clinton stance, which is the majority opinion in the bureaucracy versus the Bush 2/Regean approach.

So, the reason I believe the story for WMD isn’t over is because the case for them not existing simply doesn’t make sense in light of the 10-15 years of the run up to the latest war. The points outlined in this story simply make sense to me, they make sense in the light of Saddams previous actions (ie: flying his entire air force to Iran for safe keeping prior to Gulf War 1) and it makes sense with regards to the goals/aspirations of the American federal bureaucracy, several middle east regimes as well as Russian interests in undermining the US. What doesn’t make sense to me is that it was some elaborate fake out, in the end it may prove to be but at this point it hasn’t been established beyond doubt.

I know I sound like some crack pot, right wing, conspiracy theorist, but I’ve been trying to stay up on this story over the years and I have never believed that what was deemed the “end of the story” was actually that. I don’ think that this is on the level of some outlandish, near impossible, conspiracy theory. I think the assertions and claims are reasonable, realistic human behaviour, and thus believable in the light of 10-20 years of evidence, personal behaviors and geo-political issues.

Also, the reason I think this needs to be followed until the true and bitter end, whichever way that turns out to be, is because there is incredible danger in even the smallest amounts of these incredibly powerful weapons falling into the hands of some fanatic muslim. That is a very real possibility for our future and thus requires diligence to see this to a complete defendable end, not a political hot potatoe type of ending.

Ex-Official: Russia Moved Saddam's WMD

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Al Gore: Traitor #2

Now we find out that this event was funded, in part, by part of Bin Laden’s family.

What is staggering, besides the lefts traitorous rhetoric, is how these champions of the left undermine our own freedom. They did it in Vietnam, they did it with the Soviets and every war since. They preach appeasement and co-existence with tyrants and madmen, they preach de-militarization as a response to violence.

What’s also hilarious is that it was FDR, the Democrat President, that rounded up all the Japanese Americans and interned them in WW2. And they have the gall to act like the party of the common man. Honestly, I don’t know why any logical thinking person would support that party or this dolt.

Al Gore Event Funded by Bin Laden's Family

Al Gore: Traitor #1

This is simply too much, 1 0f 2 links.

So, yesterday Al Gore is out there thinking it’s 1969 again. He’s out there spewing traitorous garbage about how America is oppressing muslim and bla bla bla. This garbage makes it onto the news, news that is watched by our soldiers as well as our enemies.

To me, this man is a traitor, pure and simple.

Gore Laments U.S. 'Abuses' Against Arabs

Friday, February 03, 2006

Clinton Takes Our Enemies Side...Again
Bubba is out there undermining freedom once again.
This time Clinton is receiving praise from Iranian newspapers...isn't that just swell.
Yes, here we see Bubba chastising America and Israel, confirming what we all know, that once again it's America's fault for...well, let's be blunt, for everything!
But what burns me is that he's out there telling Israel and America that THEY should be the one's compromising, yet he has no similar message for this nut bag Iranian President that has openly, and repeatedly, called for wiping Israel off the map. In Clintonian leftist logic the forces of democracy and liberty should bend to the will of insane tyrants.
Once again we see the western left CAVE against the aggressive posturing of some tin can tyrant, once again we see the left take aim at the open and free governments of the world while making excuses for the tyrant, dictators and thugs of the world.
It is consistently amazing how reliably the left comes down on the side of the enemies of freedom. These people cannot be trusted with the mantle of power, I'm glad Canadians booted the Liberal party out and Harper better govern like a conservative, he better not attempt to prove to Ontario how centrist (aka: liberal) he is. If Harper does that, I'll be the first to vote him out.
Bill Clinton Praised by Iran, Arabs

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Canadian Conservatism??
Ahh, the socialist nanny-state, gotta love it

So Klein has all this surplus money and he actually starts a dialogue with Albertans on how the gov’t should spend it…, here’s a thought Ralph, if you have so much how about you leave more on my cheque instead of these ridiculous gov’t payouts. No doubt this is taxable money also, so you pay provincial tax, then get a reimbursement via the money you paid, which is then taxed as income which sees part of the reimbursement paid back in tax.

That, to me, is an illustration of absurdity.

CBC News: Ontario man on Ralphbucks mailing list